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Rules and Conduct

This club has been established to provide football in a safe & caring environment. The club will strive to achieve this policy to children of both sexes, without discrimination due to ability, background or race up to the age of 18.


  1. Players signing on for the club must conduct themselves in a polite and friendly manner at all times.
  2. Players must respect the facilities provided wherever they are playing or training.
  3. At the end of every game, a sportsmanlike attitude must be shown – (win, lose or draw).
  4. Players must respect the decision of match officials without question.
  5. Players must inform their team managers in plenty of time if they are unavailable to play in a game.


  1. Players are expected to pay a registration fee and match / training fees as appropriate.
  2. Parents are requested to help with transport to all matches both home and away.
  3. Parents may from time to time be asked to wash the playing kit.
  4. Parents are welcome to encourage all players in a positive and controlled manner. Coaching and instructions will be given by the team managers. The club do not wish to see players receiving instructions from several different sources.
  5. Please ensure that your child informs the team manager whenever they are going to be unavailable for a game.
  6. Please ensure that you and your child have completed a club contact sheet at the start of every season giving contacts and details of any medical condition which you may feel is appropriate.
  7. The club relies on volunteers and fund raising, please help and support in any way you can.
  8. Parents are expected to re-imburse the club where their child incurs a fine or administration charge from the f.a. or league. For any serious breaches of club discipline you and/or your child may be asked to meet with the disciplinary committee of the club.

Coaches / Managers

  1. Managers are expected to support the club policies on fair play & sportsmanship at all times. Players must be positively encouraged. Managers must act with self-control & act as role models to their players.
  2. The club does not wish to adopt a “win at all costs” attitude. The primary aim of the club is to provide football in a safe & caring environment without any discrimination.
  3. Managers are expected to set an example to their players in all their dealings with players, managers’ spectators of opposing clubs as well as all match officials.
  4. Managers are responsible for the well being of players whilst in their care. No discrimination by other players, parents, etc is to be tolerated. Managers are encouraged to raise any concerns with the officials of the club and the child protection officer if appropriate.
  5. Players from disadvantaged backgrounds will not be excluded from playing due to a lack of means or equipment.